Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kcreations - Ballet Thighboots

Some awesome new mesh ballet thigh boots by Kcreations today.

Kat had a few small difficulties with these boots - and fixed them, she’s good that way - so if you already bought these, see the included note and get them updated.

Aside from the excellent mesh shape, you’ll love the textures included with these boots.

I wore a few Kcreations catsuits here to show how well they match. The included color HUD is a jewel of simplicity and good design.

The big thigh and ankle straps look good even from a distance, and the leather grain looks great from middle to close-up. From a little further, you just see the usual great Kcreations shine.

A detailed notecard gives you a bunch of useful information about the boots, and the hud, including stuff you never knew about mesh; well, I never knew, that is. I look forward to your letters ;)

Seems Kat isn’t done with mesh just yet, she just finished these ballet boots and they are lovely, i must have been a good girl. *winks*

As you would expect the fitting is a piece of cake, i just had to reduce the size of my legs to 43, i do have pony thighs.

Next to the easy color change HUD you can also click the feet to get the play part of the boots.

The menu gives you the option to set the walk restriction from none to a crawling speed severe, Kat put some great anim’s into the boots.

You also can select public or private RLV access, which leads to the locking part of the boots and more fun with the “try and get out of these” game. Where you can try and struggle your way out of the boots.

Not sure though why you would want to, have fun matching these up to your most outlandish outfit and try not to get stuck in them... well... *smiles*

Name : KCreations
Owner : Kat Fetisov


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