Friday, March 16, 2012

Ponybound Sim - Follow-up

We had a lovely chat with Canary Twine, of Ponybound. Following our post of last week, she sent us a notecard with more info about the sim and answered some of our questions.

First, the sim is indeed related to the Ponybound store, and while the development is currently on hold, the products are still available at the store.

Here’s part of the card she gave us :

The sim doesn't have any designated trainers, nor is it designed for structured role-play/events. It is completely centered on low lag training and is “there” to be used by anyone and everyone.

The facilities offered on the sim include:

• Ground Level - For beginners there are steeples, regular slalom, running slalom, barrels, and a wooded carting path.

• Level 1 - For the more adventurous...a show jumping course that promotes accuracy, a flower showmanship track, and a dressage track.

• Level 2 - Here you can find all the carting activities, an innovative carting race track, cart slalom, and cart barrels.

• Level 3 - Advanced steeples and slalom blend. Sky steeples that have a safety net below to catch falling ponies.

• Level 4 - A small store area for pony tack (including the Ponybound latex gear), cuffs, collars, profile photography. It is currently under construction but some products are up.

A maze is also in the works.. stay tuned ;)

The sky steeples is what we chose to snap today, as it’s really spectacular. I tried to walk it - any pony *running* through that course is probably related to Superman.


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