Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pietas Obscurum - Mesharah Boots

Mesharah is a good, Google-friendly name. Not that naming your boots “Thigh Boots” is a bad thing in itself, but they will never be found in search, barring a minor miracle.

I admire unique, simple names. To me, Kayliwulf is the all-time champ, all weight divisions in SL for a store name : simple, unique, unmistakable.

Mesharah is a strong contender for an item name. There’s a city in Iraq with that name, and that’s about it. (Mind you, I had to Google Khanuy Gol, our sim, to find out that it was a volcano in Mongolia!)

These lovely, unique-named mesh thigh boots, then, are wedges with a unique foot shape. They ride a bit low, so I had to raise my avatar (one of the nice Phoenix options, z-modifier) by a few cm.. well, it’s what high heels do, isn’t it? :)

The shine is excellent, particularly on the calves; very good work there. The thigh straps at the top are distinctive, I’ve never seen the like before.

A few good notecards are included, a fitting guide and a good reminder about LOD.

Don’t forget to visit P.O.’s blog :

Another set of mesh boots this week, this time a more fashionable option from Pietas Obscurum.

This is one of those products where the box is almost more beautiful as the item itself, well almost. *smiles*

For ease of fitting you get 5 sizes in the box, a Small fits Mistress perfectly and a Large works for my pony thighs, so i’m sure the XL will work for most men.

The bindings on the back of the top of the shaft look great, giving these boots something special.

I also love the folds just above the calves and above the feet, great stuff.

The heel are a bit too fashionable for my taste, but then i’m the girl that wears ballets 24/7.

Ohh and yes they do bend at the knees, sorry can’t get enough of that. *winks*

Name : Pietas Obscurum
Owner : rup Eizenberg



  1. Always nice to see new mesh gear..

    I have to admit to been more curioous about that very nice blue outfit you have on there though.

  2. Hi Aria.. good eye, that's my old Nanogunk Slinky Circles catsuit, an old favorite that would show wear if it could - I used to live in it :)