Thursday, March 29, 2012

Red Devil - Sheer Submission

Everyone loves dolls in rubber hoods (no? inconceivable!) so someone has to make them good outfits to go with said hoods.

Sheer Submission is a neat outfit by Red Devil including ballet boots, lots of latex, a few good prim bits, and not a lot of modesty.

The front cutout makes this an adult-sim outfit; not that you were planning to wear it to the next Linden picnic, but eh ;)

Included alphas let you hide feet (for ballets) or both hands and feet (if you’re also wearing the ball hands).

A fun, good-looking outfit, and a great example of the fine designs at Red Devil. Go for the clothes, go back for the service ;)

Sheer Submission is a lovely doll outfit in a box, offering you a nice collection of cloth and prim items.

You’ll get the Red Devil ballet boots we have shown you before, there are also mits and a fun rubber pony tail, no dolly should be without one.

Only down side is that there aren't any scripts in the prims, good for the sim but you’ll need some other item if you want to lock things up.

You also find two tattoo layer hoods in the pack, i might have mentioned this before but i just love to wear a hood but still see my own skin under it. Ohh and the difference between the two masks? One has a dirty word on it.

In the cloth layer you get the option to wear a sheer insert, as shown here, or go bare chested. You get all the available layers to mix and match.

So dolls, want to show off those lovely silicone boobies to the general public all dolled up? Here’s your chance.

Name : Red Devil
Owner : Dementia Razor


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  1. Thanks for the reveiw Ladies,
    We also have appliers for Lolas Push Ups, vString XL and XXL, and eCorps for the full busted dollies.