Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rosal - Updated Tueur and Latex Thigh Boots

We were people-watching at Mesmerize Dungeon (which is turning into, as lelo put it, “Fetish Ranch”), and our old friend Signal Demina showed up in gorgeous Tueur thigh boots.

I oo’d and aah’d, because we had just heard about them from Tsarina - seems Sig has an inside track at Rosal. I assured her I wasn’t jealous ;)

The boots are new, but that’s not all. It seems Tsarina updated the Tueur corset and neck corset. I imagine it means better scripts, because they looked pretty awesome to begin with.

There is frilly lace all over the things, so if you want to do a Cardinal Richelieu roleplay, you’re set. If you just want to look wicked in strap-covered shiny leather, it comes right off.

If you like color options in your clothes, the Fatpack versions of the Tueur separates give you red, white and black.

The Rosal boots have one of the most elegant foot shapes I’ve seen in SL boots.

Lelo was amazed when she saw the ballet heel was shorter than the platform - hey, for once I’m taller than my doll! (oops. pics say no. darn!)

Tsarina caught the boot bug and made 3 lovely pairs of boots for her Tueur line of corsets.

All 3 boots are thigh high and offer normal heels, platform heels, which Mistress wears and lovely ballets, with me in them. *smiles*

You can get the usual 3 base colors white, red and black in smart color change fatpack, and you can fine tune your colors with the supplied HUD.

The hud is a smart little thing that scans for colorable Rosal objects and lets you pick the one you want to pimp, so one HUD to serve all.

So if you want some great looking boots, that match one of the best looking corsets in SL you know where to look.

Name : Rosal
Owner : Tsarina Mint


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