Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jaimie Earst Fashion - Erika, Luiza, Elena and Tigra

On our last visit at Jaimie’s, she literally buried us under awesome outfits.

We try to space out posts on the same store, but I feel we actually waited a bit too long on these, so here are four great fetish outfits by Jaimie Earst Fashion.

In the first pic, I’m wearing Erika; the military cap.. well, lelo just said “that one has your name on it, Mistress”. She’s sharp that way.

Erika is a lovely, basic fetish outfit. No frills, no nonsense, just an excellent - and complete! - clothes layer outfit and awesome little ankle boots.

The cap is fully resizable and took mere moments to adjust. The whip is included, and has action and sounds.

The second outfit I’m modeling is Luiza. This is another simple, classy bit of fetishwear you can wear out dancing - well, wherever you like, really. (One day I’m going to Rubber Room in my PoC bikini.)

The flared pant bottoms are extremely clever : they’re prims, built into the boots. We review a lot of clothing here, and it’s the first time I see this done. Brilliant.

Sorry for letting these lovely outfits sit in the drawer.. better late than never, eh?

Tonight i’m wearing Elena and Tigra by Jaimie Earst. Not quite new but still very special and a good buy.

Elena is a great slave outfit and should go great with Erika, the thing i really love about this one is the fact that it doesn’t look like bondage outfit but it surely is one.

The scripts are in the belt, boots and bracelets; and work together, giving you some great binding poses.

As you might expect the usual owner and RLV options are included in the script.

The Tigra is a cool clubbing outfit which gives you flames in 5 colors: black, cyan, gold, pink (as shown in the picture) and silver.

You also get the prim belt that has a simple resize script in the box, the shoes i kept from the Elana outfit. They aren’t included with Tigra, but hey you do get 5 colors in the box.

So if you want a inconspicuous bondage suit or a great party outfit, get your butt over to Jamie's.

Name : Jaimie Earst Fashion
Owner : Jaimie Earst
The SLURL to (the new) Latex Fetish Fashion Beach:


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