Thursday, March 8, 2012

XTC Leather - Def Con Leather Dress and Boots in Chocolate

We keep in touch with Xaviar, sharing spectacular pics and cool things we find. In this latex world, a good leather designer is a friend to cherish :)

He drops a bomb on us tonight : the Def Con Leather Dress, in rich chocolate-colored leather with distinctive leather braided seams.

It’s hot off the press - like, coming out at the store as I write this. God I love exclusives :)

Def Con is a gorgeous little leather dress, in biker “indian” style, with XTC’s usual excellent textures, perfectly matching skirt prim part, and a good variety of openings if the skin you want to show off is your own.

The matching (but not included) boots fit me out of the box. They don’t come with a resize script, so take a copy and edit by hand - it’s pretty straightforward.

So if you want to stand out from the latex crowd - not that there’s anything wrong with latex! - you know where to go.

Def Con comes in 3 stages, Def Con 3 is what Mistress is wearing the full dress, with Def Con 2 you lose the front panels and Def Con 1 (aka global nuclear war) opens up the back of the dress.

You get the dress in the pants and shirts layer, just where you would expect it.

Xaviar also added gloves and net stockings to sweeten the deal, and they do work great together.

As expected the leather texture is quite yummy and chocolaty and it’s also used on the matching boots.

The boots, which are sold separately, are of a simple fashionable style, well i guess a heel like that would put them in the fetish category in RL.

Finally i just have got to mention the prim skirt inlay, hiding that awful SL cloth skirt, i might have said this before, but i do love these little prims.

Name : XTC Leather
Owner : Xaviar Thunders


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