Wednesday, March 7, 2012

KDC - RevoSuit

There’s a new catsuit in town, and boy, is it detailed :) Introducing the RevoSuit, by KDC.

Short of standing in a latex shower (better left to erotica stories), latex is made of rectangular pieces, assembled together to cover the body.

Seams and zippers are therefore inevitable, and the very cool thought Kyrah apparently had (my ESP is sketchy at best, I bought it at a surplus store) was, let’s make SL catsuits more authentic by adding said inevitable parts. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

There are base and metal zippers, depending how much you want them to stand out. Front, rear, shoulder entry, in all layers.

And if that’s not enough, separate gloves and stockings (called Misc Parts) so you can mix and match as I did in the second pic. Nothing changes a color catsuit quite as much as black gloves and stockings.

I’m wearing black and lelo baby pink in the first pic; then I have sblue and lelo has olive.

As the boxes contain lots and lots of folders, make sure you click them and use the supplied unpack script rather than doing the usual open.

Kyrah has been working hard the last 2 months making an all new latex texture, the first one we have seen in a while.

She improved the latex texture quite a bit, making the shine look more realistic, adding realistic seams and folds and adding figure enhancing shadows. *smiles*

The suits are offered in 3 different ways, the basic version gives you the catsuit with color matched front to back zipper, in all layers.

The premium edition adds metal zippers, back to front and shoulder entry and the always fun breast zippers.

Finally there is the complete package offering you all the colors (black, blue, bpink, brown, green, lblue, lgreen, olive, orange, pink, purple, red and sblue) in the premium edition and giving you a nice discount of 25%, always a good thing.

On another happy note, Kyrah lowered the prices on quite a few of her older latex products.

Name : KDC
Owner : Kyrah Abattoir


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