Wednesday, April 11, 2012

CorinS Fashion - Liriel and Fiona

We ran into Corin the other day at the Venustus Mall - our friend Hikari had found a few cool places and tipped us about them, as she frequently does.

Corin walked up and said hello. She remembered Hikari from one of our posts; Hik is pretty memorable (how many striped skunks do *you* know?).

She was wearing this beautiful outfit, the Liriel pants and Fiona shirt which I am modeling here.

I was really impressed with the high-waisted pants, and what looked like a wide prim belt, so I suggested we feature them in the blog, and Corin was kind enough to agree.

On closer examination in our studio, the belt ends precisely where that funny part of the avatar waist usually sticks out and breaks outfits. Corin used a bug and made it a feature. Very, very impressive.

The shirt and pants both have all the layers, so if you want this exact effect of the pants over the shirt, you’ll want the shirt on the under layer, and the pants belt on the shirt layer, or some similar combo.

Gorgeous outfit, and it’s wonderful to see Corin coming up with winners time and again.

I’m wearing the latex catsuit out of the Liriel series by CorinS Fashion.

After opening the lovely little shopping bag you’ll find the catsuit in all the normal cloth layers.

You’ll also find a great looking prim collar that gives the catsuit something special, i do love details like that.

The texturing on this catsuit really make it stand out from the cheaper ones, she made folds in all the right places, including stretch marks where the lacing on the back tightens the outfit.

So when you are in the market for a Wilma Deering style catsuit, oops are my grey hairs showing?, here’s your chance.

Name : CorinS Fashion
Owner : Corin Serenity


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