Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sweet Angels Design - Latex Hood

Lelo spotted this hood at Mesmerize Dungeon, and we followed the trail to Sweet Angels Design.

It’s a hard-core RLV toy; it will actually complain if you’re not using a RLV-enabled viewer.

Visually, it’s quite impressive. The shape is awesome, and there are a number of prim parts adding authenticity. In particular, I love the eye covers and the ponytail.

They do all come off for a more stark look, which I must say I like a lot.

There’s a large number of color option for all parts, too. You won’t usually see pink rebreather bags in RL, but boom, there it is ;)

The built-in collar looks good, but it may displace your slave’s existing one; if she’s as attached to hers as lelo is, this is a mixed blessing.

While we were testing, lelo sent her leash to my holder by herself, which struck me as pretty amusing. “Lelo throws her leash and it lands squarely in your hand!”

This is a feature-rich toy that will keep you and your slave entertained for a long time :)

Ok, first things first, better get this out of the way, i really really love this hood. *smiles*

The breath play part might not be my thing in RL but here it’s 1. fun and 2. made believable with the special (RLV) effects.

Next to the usual lock timers, public and private setting, owner selectors..etc, etc, the breath play makes this hood stand out.

When you pump up the mask the wearers view will go all blurry, the more you pump the worse it gets.

Even more fun are the visual effects you get when using the smell box, simply put: groovy.

The hood works with a old-fashioned notecard to set the basics like like gender, bad words, demanded words and even respect words.

With the menu you can change most parts color and hide parts you don’t like or need, very versatile.

So run to Candy Isle and get into your hood quickly, i’m sure you will love this one.. i do.

Name : Sweet Angels Design
Owner : sweet cale


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