Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dark Elf Manufacture - Iron Pipemare Yoke

Nihal called us to let us know there was a fun new toy out from DEM, but we ended up speaking with Chloe about it. Time zones... someone will have to do something about them.

Chloe, then, was kind enough to tell us all about the scripting in the Iron Pipemare Yoke.

She’s understandably proud about it; with all the things it does, resizing and so on included, the script takes a mere 352KB of memory.

Physically, the slender black iron yoke looks very good.

You’ll notice the “staircase” diagonal effect because the bars are so slender, but there’s no way around that until the world goes higher resolution ;)

The collar has nice details like the rivet in front and the subtle iron texture - you’ll see them if you look closely because of the old black on black thing.

An elegant toy for a female slave, then; efficient yet not overwhelming. Drop by Dark Elf and have a look around.. it’s worth the trip.

Seems Chloe was given a break from her scripting for Think Kink and she put that time to good use.

It was of course just a matter of time till she would put her collar and cuffs together, and hey presto a yoke. *smiles*

Biggest jobs according to Chloe was the resizer script and keeping the script load down to a minimum.

The resizer lets you change the size of the collar, cuffs and the yoke beams, simple, elegant and a lot of math.

Next to the resizer, you will find all the necessary options for a toy like this, owner, timer, RLV.. the usual in a very light, loadwise package.

So when you are in need of a easy to fit, server friendly bondage toy...

Name : Dark Elf Manufacture
Owner : Nihal Quan & Chloe1982 Constantine


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