Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Indyra Originals - Discipline Boots and Booties

Another incursion in the world of fashion: with a name like Discipline Boots, it was unavoidable - fated! ;)

The Discipline boots caught my eye when we were at the store some time ago, and I made a mental note to feature them at some point.

They’re a loose-fit fashion boot, with seven buckle straps on the knee-high version.

The standard resize script included has a smart twist; when you’ve fitted your boots, it offers to take a copy of the boots and remove the script. Low script is the ecological movement of Second Life :)

The ankle boots and knee boots are different in a few ways; there are no invisiprims on my knee-highs, and an alpha mask was included. Lelo’s booties included a plain and bright version; the bright are quite a sight in midnight lighting ;)

The foot shape is excellent and the textures are great. There’s quite a lot to like here, so if you’re looking for a bit of variety from your usual fetish boots, keep Indyra’s in mind.

Ok don’t be fooled by the name, the discipline is because of the buckles, not that they can be locked or any fun like that, those silly fashion designers. *winks*

The boots come with a good resizer script, one you will need, i’m not a small girl but i had to shrink the boots quite a bit.

Indyra sells the boots in the following colors: saddle, white, cherry, dark red (which Mistress is wearing), indy pink (which i’m wearing in the bright, glow in the night, version), noir, soft gold, and magenta.

The booties come without an alpha sock so i used one from my other shoes, how did we ever do without the alphas.

Lovely heel, good looking shape, great buckles, fashionable colors.. still here?

Name: Indyra Originals
Owner: Indyra Seigo


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