Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Indyra Originals - Addiction and DV-8 Boots

Indyra’s is my favorite fashion store to buy fetishwear.

Her recent Coquette Noir line of boots looks absolutely awesome. I’m showing you two today, but there are tons more, in knee and ankle lengths.

I’m wearing the DV-8 ankle boots, and the vendor snap in our third pic is the Addiction model, sporting extra ankle straps and a black sole.

Both models come in viewer 1 and v2 versions; I find that respect of the old viewer users admirable.

The boots are a bit large right out of the box, but the included resize script took care of that in a hurry.

The DV-8 boots have a fun transparent sole - not a silly fully transparent one, which would be both easy to make and pointless to wear - rather, it gives a terrific impression of what transparent plastic does in RL.

Excellent prims, excellent reflections; if you’ve been looking for a fun pvc boot to wear with your Russ dress, drop by Indyra’s and pick up a pair.. or two ;)

What do you get when fetish is made into mainstream fashion by the likes of lady Gaga?

Fashion stores like Indyra start making them and boy do they have a great eye for boot design.

The only real downside is the fact that, fashion people don’t get the fun of locking boots, so sadly no fun in the way of scripting.

But scripts are just icing on the cake and if the quality of the cake is good enough you don’t really need the icing, just like with these boots.

So all you kinky people around SL, if you are in the market for some great PVC stripper boots, look no further.

Name: Indyra Originals
Owner: Indyra Seigo


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