Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DXW's Creations - Hello Nurse and Pwnie

Amelie Barbour has started making a line of fun fetish and bondage mesh products.

We received a boatload (1 boatload = 2 wagonloads, if you’re keeping track of my hyperboles) of her new products - a subtle and efficient way to be featured in this blog ;)

I’m wearing her generously-proportioned Hello Nurse! outfit. Mesh will do that for a while, so short of making small-medium-large versions of everything, we’ll live with it.

The tunic and boots will fit a fairly large girl, so it’s a bit loose on me. The white looks good, with just enough shine to make it interesting.

There are separate alphas if you don’t intend to wear all parts, and an all-in-one version too. Quite convenient if your viewer doesn’t do “add”, like Phoenix, say.

There’s a color picker HUD in the box, but I had to attach it to the center of the screen to see it. No big deal, it’s not something you’ll use a lot. Set and forget, as they say.

Lelo found me a great video called Hello Nurse, so I just had to share it with you :

I’m wearing the mesh pony outfit Pwnie, and no that’s not a typo. *winks*

You get quite a few options with this one, which must be a mesh first it think.

First you can select a boy or girl version of the body, and both come with or without hooves, so you can wear the body with your own boots/hooves.

For hair you have a choice of the hawk i’m wearing or a nice ponytail.

Ok you would think that’s enough, but no there is even more, all the items are colorable in 11 different colors.

So that’s the looks, now the controls, first there is the simple (= good) menu where you can lock the outfit and change the colors.

You also get the AO hud which lets you change the position of the feet and arms.

Have a look at Amelie’s airy shop, she’s the hot new Mesh designer of the moment.

Name: DXW’s Creations
Owner: Amelie Barbour


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