Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mesmerize Dungeon - Freebies

This is one of lelo’s finds.. she smells out freebies like a bloodhound, I swear.

There are no less than 23 freebies lined up in neat little rows in a back room at Mesmerize Dungeon. And I never noticed them ;)

They’re not far from the social area, see lelo’s instuctions to get there.. I can give you the coordinates (174, 162, 26), but with MD’s fixed landing zone, they won’t help as much as usual.

There is a wide variety of outfits, so we picked a few to show you. One unexpected find is no less than six skins. New citizens don’t start out quite as naked as we old folks once did, but that’s still a valuable thing to find if you’re new.

The catsuit I have in the first pic is good, but it’s top, bottom, gloves and stockings.

Nothing more needed, you’ll say, but the Soldier Girl outfit has 14 parts, including a hooded skin and boots; the top and pants version I’m wearing here, plus a catsuit.

So a generous trove of good quality free items to draw you to Mesmerize Dungeon, if the Fetish Ranch aspect wasn’t enough ;)

You might have noticed that we do quite some people watching at Mesmerize Dungeon.

It’s our way to shop while standing still and it’s also a great way to meet like minded people.

Funny thing is that we and almost everyone else stands in the same place, the third room of the complex.

While having a quick look around Mesmerize Dungeon, i ventured deeper into the complex and found the freebies just in front of the update center.

They are on the right side wall, like Mistress said 23 nicely packaged gift boxes.

The quality of the latex is amazingly good, thought the boots show that this is her earlier work, still add some newer boots and you have a great outfit.

Name : Mesmerize Dungeon
Owner : Latexina Pinklady


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