Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rosal - Viron-M Thigh Boots

We’ve been sitting on these for a few days - Tsarina sent them over before they were in the store. We managed not to explode ;)

These gorgeous, extremely well designed mesh boots are the Viron-M (for Mesh) boots. Lelo is modeling the matching (but not included) Viron corset and neck corset.

First, the gorgeous foot shape Tsarina created in the Tueur and other sculpted boots is recreated here in mesh - quite a bit of work, I believe, but she’s a pro :)

Lelo went for the Tron look but I chose a more muted use of the highlight lines - still looks suitably space-ey to me.

The boots are available in one color only, or in a fatpack (which means the included script lets you change the whole boot color).

The one thing which took me a moment to find was “Glow Motion”, because I was already inside the “Appearance” top menu... it’s also at the top.

The boots are copy, so make a safe one and start fiddling! Once you’ve set them to your taste, you can delete the script, so sim owners will love you.

Gorgeous boots, equal to the very high standard we’ve come to expect from Rosal. These are going next to my Bax in my wardrobe :)

These are Tsarina’s first mesh boots and they look great and it’s amazing to see how you can play around with the colors of the boots.

As the boots are mesh you can’t click them, so accessing the menu is done the good old fashioned way: “/2boots”. *winks*

In this menu you can choose the 3 main color schemes: black, red and white, matching the Viron corsets.

You can use the supplied HUD to change the tint of all the different parts of the boots.

There are no limits to the colors you can make, just be careful and make a backup copy first.

Just in case you are worried she hasn’t got your size, there are free demo boots in the shop so you can check before buying.

Name : Rosal
Owner : Tsarina Mint  
Quality9 9
Service9 8

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