Friday, April 27, 2012

Hybridz - Micro Rubber Doll

Remember the “petite” avatars we told you were the big coming thing? Seems Hybridz agrees, as they just came out with the Micro Rubber Doll.

It’s tiny (hence the Doctor Tinycat lol this week), and to give you an idea of scale, I stood in our new Rosal boots next to the model at the store.

Giantess fetishists should have a field day with this one. There’s even a cam controller HUD to force your point of view at heel height ;)

This is a mesh avatar, so you’ll need a mesh-enabled viewer. It's full of RLV goodness, of course.

The Marketplace ad for the Micro Rubber Doll has an impressive amount of detail so instead of copying it, I’ll just give you the link; note that you must log in to be able to see it, as it’s considered adult content.

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