Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Toy's Toys - Teddy Chair

While there is competition in Second Life commerce, sometimes it’s pretty civilized. I was talking to Chloe at Dark Elf last week, and she mentioned Toy Wylie.

That’s pretty much like BMW sending someone to Audi; but not only did she refer me, she gave me an introduction :)

Toy was busy, but she did invite us to have a look around and see if we liked anything. Her island is not your usual shop, I’ll say no more and give no spoilers.

Her specialty is RLV traps, and even with a pretty specific description like this, there’s a lot of variety in her toys, from cute to disquieting.

The bear chair caught my eye. It caught more than that; I sat on it, thinking “ha, I don’t run RLV, I’m invulnerable”, congratulating myself on the cool chair I got and bondage toy lelo got.

When the bear paws caught me and dragged me in, I was genuinely surprised :)

This is a simple, fairly good-looking bear chair, and a fun toy. I’ll let lelo describe it and invite you to visit Toy’s Toys... cautiously ;)

Time for a fun bit of furniture tonight, of course furniture with a nice little twist.

The lovely bear is a dangerous seat for your unsuspecting.. ehh guests.

The simple design of the chair is also mirrored in the simplicity of the scripting in it.

As with any good toy these days it’s fully RLV compatible, even if it works without the use of RLV, RLV offers a few easy controlled extras.

The victim's chat is damped while trapped, but click on the bears mouth and it closes and the victim is fully muted.

This also works with the ears and eyes, blind the bear and you blind the victim. Elegantly simple scripting, just the way we love it.

The victim can try to escape by clicking the zipper and playing around with it to try to open it.

Go have a look at Toy’s place, lots of inventive toys around.

Name : Toy’s Toys
Owner : Toy Wylie


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