Monday, April 23, 2012

XTC Leather - Revolution

A summer weight bike babe outfit, brand new from XTC, this is Revolution.

The cropped jacket is fun, leaving the midriff bare - well, the rear too, if you have a lower back tattoo you want to show off.

As usual, the leather textures are awesome, and you like them the more you look. Shinier jacket cuffs, seams, the cool X buttons (maybeis Xav sneaking his initial in).

The chaps have a garter belt look, fun in SL, not possible in RL. Good leather folds along the legs, too.

The bra and panties are pretty much as skimpy as possible.

Wear this outfit on your motorcycle and you won’t want for attention.. maybe even love , too ;)

It was high time for some new leather from XTC and Xaviar didn’t disappoint us.

Revolution isn’t quite a revolution but it is a good looking little number.

Top and bottom are fully clothed with a jacket and a pair of chaps.

All the sexiness is around the waist where you only get a garter holding up the chaps and a tiny string bikini bottom.

The leather looks a bit closer to patent, not sure if Xaviar is preparing to make a step into latex or that he got hold of some cheaper leather. *winks*

Next to the jacket, chaps, string you also get a pair of matching gloves and a bra.

There is also a snake tattoo included in, surprise surprise, tattoo layer. *smiles*



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