Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Boudoir - Spike Shoes

Everyone loves spike heeled shoes - well these are spikier than average ;)

The simply named Spike Shoes, from the simply named Boudoir store, feature an excellent heel and foot shape which is somewhat reminiscent of the fifties to my eye.

They’re available in black, red, and nude, which I might have called white - but I wasn’t consulted ;)

The excellent, excellent color-change hud does the coloring nearly in real time, requiring only a short wait, unlike other scripts that require closing to apply the color.

The resize script is in both shoes, requiring a resize for each. This is usual, and I think Rosal boots had a resizer that did both - impressive, but nearly caused me to break one boot after manually resizing the other ;)

Good prims, good textures, good scripts - what’s not to love?

Pet found us this store, so we had a look, Pet at times tends to get a bit over excited. *winks*

First things we found were lovely hats that would look great at the next grand national, but not quite our thing.

Next we found her dresses department, which are quite elaborate and perfect for fancy dress parties, but again not quite our thing.

We almost lost interest when we found her shoes and boots department and we suddenly understood why Pet had sent us the LM. *smiles*

She has quite a collection and her designs are quite a bit outside of the box, Mistress just loved these spikes pumps.

As i’m a rubber doll at heart i just didn’t have the guts to wear them as well. *smiles*

So if you are looking for that special hat, that over the top dress or some amazing shoes, Boudoir is your place.

Name : Boudoir
Owner : Precious Restless  
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Boudoir/162/132/997


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