Wednesday, May 9, 2012

XTC Leather - Phantom Womens

Xav called me with this gorgeous outfit, said I might like it even though it wasn’t very “fetish”.

I know there are no rubber tubes going into orifices not generally intended for them or anything like that, but the day a leather catsuit covered in zips and straps and laces doesn’t rate a post, I’m hanging up my fetish blogger hat (it’s a leather military cap, obviously.)

Phantom, this gorgeous leather fetish outfit, then, has Xaviar’s trademark amazing leather textures, and features military-style buttoned straps, side lacing (for that perfect fit) and decorative sleeve zippers.

It doesn’t look like it, but it reminds me of the old Zoom Bizarre Atomage homage catsuit : an “activity center”, as I refer to it privately, with lots and lots of fun moving parts ;)

There’s a summer-weight version, modeled by lelo.

Drop by XTC, and if you see Xaviar, tell him he’s too modest.


We received some new leather from Xaviar at XTC in the post and we just had show you.

Phantom gives you 3 outfits really, a leather bikini, the chaps i’m wearing and the full leather outfit Mistress is showing here.

There are also a pair of long gloves in the box that have the same straps as the jacket.

The skull on the belt of the chaps really gives them that biker girl feel, sadly the jacket hides the belt so you’ll have to wear the bra with the chaps, still there are worse looks out there. *winks*

So a great offer from XTC, giving you 3 unique looks in one package with the usual great leather textures we love.

Name : XTC Leather
Owner : Xaviar Thunders  

Quality9 9
Price8 8
Service9 8
Store9 8

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