Friday, May 4, 2012

Changes At Think Kink

Ilana of Think Kink sent us a notecard recently, mentioning serious changes coming up for TK. I could paraphrase and sum up but I think I’ll chop and try to pass on the important bits :

First : “We're not leaving, we're not quitting, we're not closing up shop.”

But : “That hideous thing called 'reality' has reared its head for Lyssa and myself. Our time is becoming seriously limited and will be for a while.”

“But we can't leave here. We can't leave the people we've come to know, love, admire, respect and plain old think are just such damn neat folks.”

“We will soon have all our products in the copy/no transfer format, our goal is to have that done by May 15th”

This is huge. Toys are not usually sold with copy perms. It’s a great deal for anyone who has more than one place to furnish.

“On June 1st, Think Kink will be closed for a few days, while we redo the store. We will be downsizing the store to about 1/4-1/3 of it's existing size”

We’ve seen the new look, and it’s pretty awesome. No, I can't show you ;)

“Then, TK will be doing more 'artisan style' releases of our devices. More detail, more care. You may only see one every two or three weeks...”

“But most of all, we're going to be taking care of our responsibilities in 'Real Life' ... We have three of the most responsible, reliable, capable people we could ever think of having watching over things.. Tahni Tarantal, Chloe1982.Constantine, and Nihal Quan.”

And as ever, we'll keep you posted :)

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