Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sassy - Fever Catsuit

Malls are our friends. If you’re a reviewer, cube that, of course. But I mean generally speaking; so long as there isn’t a central list of everything, walking the malls is the way to find good stuff.

The Red Devil mall was good to us that way. Sassy! is not just a fetish store, but they have some excellent leather and latex clothing, so we’re adding a new store to our list of 240 or so :)

I can’t see the name Sassy! without thinking of the Phil Hartman SNL sketches; here’s a video link if you live in the USA or a transcript link for the rest of us. They’re from the period where the writers got the idea that “creepy, disturbing, endlessly running-on” was equal to “funny”.

The Fever Catsuit, then, (to return to our topic) is a good-looking sleeveless catsuit with prim belt and bell-bottoms. I picked Wine for a color here because I have enough black (sacrilege!), but you see lelo in the Pink Latex, which has a very good shine.

The texture is an interesting spiderweb overlaying the main color, and the bell-bottoms are an unusual feature, since clothes-layer pants spread out in bell shape anyway.

The belt has a good resize script and no tiny prims interfering with a minimum size; as a result, it fits me great :)

The Sassy! store looks terrific, with lots of space and easy browsing. Models are showing off the latest releases, and a fun wall of posters at the entrance shows hunts, groups and events.

Want more? They also have a blog :

Drop by Sassy!, you won’t regret it.

This sexy little number is from Sassy! The texturing is great and the cut is navel deep but still manages to be sexy and not slutty.

The catsuit comes in white, sky, gold, purple, wine (worn by Mistress), black, silver latex, pink latex (worn by me), black latex. So more than enough choice.

The prim bell bottoms are fully adjustable and work great to conceal fetish footwear, just be sure to make a copy for save keeping like Mistress always tells you.

The belt is very well made, the prim work looks great and the script works quickly and is easy to work with.

Next to the resizing can you quickly change the color of the belt from black to white, i want one of those in RL. *smiles*

So a ultra sexy catsuit, well cut and fashionable, with the ability to hide your highest heels in PG area’s.. this is a keeper.

Name : Sassy!  
Owner : Ivy Burner  


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