Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DXW's Creations - Gimp Doll

When we first saw the gimp doll suit at Mesmerize Dungeon, I was impressed. This is good use of mesh :)

Of course, you can’t inspect mesh, so I said hello to Genara Stromfield who was wearing it and asked her where it was from - this was actually our first contact with DXW’s.

This outfit should get the heart of all the rubber bondage dollies racing.

It covers the wearer from head to toe, eyes and mouth included; “dollies don’t have opinions”, as their ad says :)

The default black suffers from the usual problem, fading into a bit of a dark mass; but the color highlights remedy this somewhat, and switching to other shiny colors makes the gimp doll much easier to see.

You can remove the blindfold and gag, but the large breasts are bolted on, so to speak. A male version of the suit is included in the box.

So, a fun, simple outfit, giving you as much opportunity for rp as you want, and a few good RLV locking functions; keep an eye on Amelie, she’s definitely going places.

See the Gimp Doll on Marketplace for more details : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Gimp-Doll/3246667

Time for a not entirely new mesh AV, but it’s so good we didn’t want to keep it from you.

As we said before Amelie is an mesh artist and she added RLV to this outfit to make is irresistible to the dollies out there.

The look is simple but good, no unnecessary frills on the outfit, well the torpedo tits could be seen as frills but they are hardly unnecessary. *winks*

For the fashion conscious dollies out there she added a color change menu to the menu, giving you a choice of 11 colors and for all the different groups of the outfit (boots, soles, trim, main and metal).

There are a number of locking and gagging options with the gimp, interaction with the gimp is somewhat limited, but that’s what being a dolly is all about. *smiles*

So great looking mesh AV, i’m curious what she will come up with next, ohh be careful not to touch the “i am dolly” button, you have been warned.

Name: DXW’s Creations  
Owner: Amelie Barbour  
The SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Henterman/10/41/40

Price8 8


  1. You two were a lot nicer about this one than I was

  2. If you did click the "I am a dolly" button, how do you escape the suit?

  3. That thing lelo told you not to do? ;)

    I forwarded your question to Amelie, although we provide designer names to permit contact - that's my suggestion for the future.

    Lelo suggests quitting your RLV viewer, logging in with a non-RLV one, and taking off the doll suit.