Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kcreations - New Latex Freebies

Our good friend Mel Melville tipped us to this nice surprise : new freebie latex catsuits from Kcreations.

Kat apparently has the workaholic bug, and so not only are there two new free latex outfits, complete with boots (the red and black I am modeling), but there is also a new series, modeled by lelo.

Kat is rarely in-world at the same time we are, or I would have asked her for a bit of info about the new outfits.

It says in the name that they are Adult Hub Freebies; I think it’s pretty awesome on her part to put them where they have a good chance of helping a new resident get her wardrobe started, as she did for me, all those years ago ;)

This is high quality work, not a quick-and-dirty cheapie. Prim collar, boots, gloves, and two layers for both top and bottom. The shine is just amazing - the red looks like a candy apple.

You could pay hundreds in another store and get much less.

Do visit Kat’s store at The Boobies (not the mall's real name) and support her so she keeps creating gorgeous latex and leather for new and old residents - don’t you need new mesh thigh high pony boots? ;)

You would think putting great looking freebies is a lovely gesture and certainly a traffic builder, but when you keep updating them, well then you really like your customers or need a hobby. *winks*

Introducing V3 of the free Kcreations catsuits, we missed the V2, so i’ll compare to the original version.

You now get black, blue, dark blue (shown here), dark purple, dark red, purple (also shown here), red and white. So a color for every occasion.

But the big news it that you now get two tattoo layer hoods in the package, an open faced, showing your own face, and the one i’m wearing in the picture, still showing your own face, just a bit less of it. *smiles*

Next to the tattoo layer hoods you get every layer except for the jacket layer of each color.

She also worked on the shine, which has a nice dullish glow to it, very realistic.

So it’s official best looking free catsuits are available in the big boobies mall as we call it.

Name : Kcreations
Owner : Kat Fetisov

Quality9 9
Price10 10
Service9 9

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