Thursday, May 17, 2012

House of Alisha - Latex Nun Autobot

Latex Nun is the latest autobot by House of Alisha. Not everything Alisha makes is fetish-related, but the fetish stuff is definitely interesting to us.

Autobots (not the Transformer kind) are “based human characters aimed to aid roleplay or entertainment sims, or for assistance in shops and so on”, according to the note by Lady Alisha.

A simple menu lets you control the basic functions of the bot : face me, come here, follow me, and so on.

The bots can also sense and greet nearby avatars; they can also be programmed to follow a path you walk while wearing a recorder (sold separately).

The Latex Nun is simply constructed, but it does what it is designed to; it’s a neat and potentially useful toy to put down in commercial spots. It’s also just one of the many bots and lovely items Alisha creates - do visit the store and see for yourself.

(Note that the nun itself is the “vendor”, and like other bots on the floor, are demo models you can play with before you buy. 

Interesting little one tonight, you might remember the amazing ball gown we did a while back.

The maids of honor that were included there, have been available for some time as standalone bots.

But now Alisha made a new addition to her bots, they now have a RLV grabbing option, so when you get too close to one of these and you have an active RLV relay, you will get grabbed.

Best burglar alarm system i’ve ever seen, the victim stays locked until the owner releases them and the bot will keep working as before.

So it will greet people coming close to it, it will bow, follow... well you get the drift... and with the victim still trapped in it.

All you will see of the victim will be their head, when trapped a lovely alpha is supplied, hiding everything from the head down, also great for Halloween. All we need now is a head alpha and we can go as knight with cut off head. *winks*

This must be a dream come true for some of the dolls out there.

Name : House of Alisha
Owner : Alisha Ultsch

Price8 7

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