Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Naughty N Nice - Captive Dress and Shoes

My manual system for keeping track of stores is taking its first baby steps: we hadn’t visited Naughty since January, and it was time!

The Captive sandal caught lelo’s eye.. my sweetie is the shoe lover of us two.

There’s certainly a lot to like on Captive : pyramid stud ankle strap, bondagey instep strap, lacing on the spike heel... if you don’t get that this is a fetish shoe, you’re just not paying attention ;)

The matching dress looks good, with decent shine and good prim sleeves. I love the laced prim collar, although it may interfere with slave collars everywhere.

A good slave will find a solution, I feel confident.

A double whammy tonight, a lovely dress and shoes from Nikita at Naughty n’ Nice.

The dress first, this one comes in jacket and pants layer, so enough room for underwear but no corsets or jacket over it.

Next to that you get 5 prims to give the dress more depth, a nicely textured skirt prim, how did we ever do without them.

Laced sleeves and laced collar, both a work of art making the dress come to life.

And lastly some laces in the cleavage to keep the girls in, these attach to the chest like the collar so you need a V2 viewer to use them, if not she supplies a second top with the laces as a texture.

Ok now to the shoes, these strappy sandals caught my eye in the first place.

They look great, especially the lacing on the heel did it for me, linking them perfectly to the dress.

The shoes come with a easy to understand HUD, offering you control over the skin color of the lovely prim foot, there is hardly any lag between the hud and the shoe making it easy to adjust the color.

You also can select color of the metal on the shoes and the nail polish, if only we had a HUD for that in RL. *winks*

Finally you can select the highlight color of the shoes and heels, nice little effect to fight the usual black on black effect you get.

So great buys seperatly but even better together... go go go.. buy buy buy... *winks*

Name : Naughty N Nice
Owner : Nikita Lightfoot

Price8 8

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