Thursday, May 31, 2012

AW Designs - PanaX

A gorgeous new design from Adrina Welders, this strappy intricate outfit is called PanaX.

I say intricate because PanaX has cleverer layer options than the average catsuit.

The bottom can be composed of stockings, chaps and panties, each on separate layers; or if you want to wear the whole shebang, simply wear the “pre-baked” pants, composed of all three.

There are two pre-baked pants, because the stockings are available in a solid or semi-transparent color.

The second top is for when you don’t wear the chaps - it’s missing the support straps meant to hold them up.

The chaps have prim parts that really change the look of the pant bottoms - fun and original. Cool wrist bands with the color highlight complete the top.

All this makes a very versatile outfit - add footwear and you’re all set for space or dance floor :)

Ok here is something new from Sweden and it doesn’t need assembly, just a little bit of adjustment and selection. *winks*

You get a pretty packed little bag, 2 prim parts, 4 implant appliers for the most common brands and 15 cloth parts.

This gives you quite some options and it should keep you busy for some time figuring out all the options.

We haven’t had implant appliers in a while, so i brushed off my trusty Universals and you lucky guys get a look at the bigguns again.

The prim chap bottoms look great and the control scripting is quite easy to use.

PanaX is available in the following colors: Ocean, Apple green (worn by me), Midnight blue (worn by Mistress), Gold, Palatinate Purple, Choco, Venitian red (Mistress again), Snow, Black, Light pink (me again).

So more than enough choice there, get them while they are hot...

Name : AW Designs
Owner : Adrina Welders

Quality9 8
Price8 7

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