Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ponka - Predatory Latex Suit

It had been so long since we featured Ponka that when I saw the store at the Sassy! mall, I thought it was a new store we had found :)

The latex is still awesome, and the new sign is big enough that I nearly missed it - I was looking for little red “new” starbursts, not a 10m section.

Predatory, then, is new :) It’s also pretty awesome, sporting some cool circuitry and assorted sci-fi-y connectors and bits.

The shine is great, the colors are good - even the transparent latex, of which I’m not usually a fan, looks good with the panels and bits.

You can see more details in Beponka’s store blog : 

Some new latex tonight, or better SciFi RP latex as Beponka puts it.

In the box you get all layers including the quick dress tattoo layer, only thing missing are gloves and socks.

The shine is very good giving the catsuit a nice thick rubber feel, a feeling that is enforced by the seams and folds.

The suits are covered in little hatches and circuit boards looking patches, making them perfect for doll/robot play.

The catsuit comes in black, blue, grey, purple, red, and semitransparent, so something for everyone i’m sure.  

Name : Ponka  
Owner : Beponka Nirvana  


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