Tuesday, June 5, 2012

AtaMe - Kukla v2

This is a cool little nearly-free gift from AtaMe, a Marketplace-only dollarbie called Kukla.

Why it’s not at the entrance of the store to draw crowds in, we don’t know because Milu goes to bed at sane hours, apparently ;)

The tiny minidress reminded me of the Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion poster, so I looked for a two-girls-hugging-with-a-leg-up pose... talk about pulling teeth.

This is as close as we found, with a lot of help from the cool folks in the Glitterati VIP group - - the penalty of a daily post is *short* production cycles.

Kukla is a fun latex minidress with lots of shiny flexi folds. If there was a v1 it totally escaped us, but Milu is pretty productive.

Do pick it up from Marketplace but visit the AtaMe store - freebies don’t pay the rent ;)

A simple little dress, well actually 4 of them, by Milu from AtaMe tonight.

You get the skirt in 2 colors an shimmery black and a shining red and in case you still can’t tell us apart or you are color challenged, i’m wearing the red one. *winks*

Next to the color choice you also get two lengths for the skirts, the petite i’m wearing and the regular length Mistress is wearing.

The skirt is the lovely flexi prim kind i love to see floating around me, but be careful, don’t run in these skirts if you aren’t wearing any underwear.

And talking of underwear you get some funky Victorian swimsuit looking underwear with the skirt.

To conclude: fun, nearly free summer dress that should be in your wardrobe.

Name : AtaMe
Owner : Milu Laval


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  1. Plain marketplace shops is the cause of more and more sims going empty and in the end poofs off the grid.

    As much as i love this Dress i will not buy, it simply because it's sold in one of these market place only shops :(