Monday, June 4, 2012

Dare Designs - Stingray

Stingray by Dare Designs is a reader tip by Shamanu Resident. Thank you very much, Shamanu, those are always welcome!

It’s also a pretty awesome latex outfit ;) It says nine pieces on the box but you have to look at our third pic to get an idea of how much variety that offers.

First thing I noticed was that panties were on pants layer (and vice versa), same with bra and shirt. Aha, I thought - superhero wear!

In fact Stingray does look good with things inside-out: they add nice detail to the catsuit.

Not that it’s a plain affair without the extras; the fun straps (reprised on the corset) and excellent folds and variation in shine make this one of the more interesting catsuits we’ve seen in a while.

(In case you noticed the height variations between pictures, we have spinning stands and a pose from the front and one from the rear move enough to change things up quite a bit.)

It turns out that Dare was himself a reader of our modest literary effort; no doubt he was going to call and say hi any day ;)

Ok we got another multipurpose outfit for you tonight and another new designer for our list.

You get 8 clothes layer parts which can be put together to make all kind of outfits.

These varying from a simple bikini to a full catsuit with a black corset, you can see the options in the last picture.

The boots are included in the set as well and seem to be in male size, but the resize script takes care of that in seconds.

You can get this lovely catsuit in 13 bright colors and better sit down for this, there is no black one!!!

So looking for a brightly colored outfit that gives you lots of great options and comes with some fun fetish boots... well you know the drill. *winks*

Name : Dare Design
Owner : Dare Munro

Quality9 8
Price8 8
Service9 8

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