Monday, June 25, 2012

Chey's Spicy Outfits - LX Cat V33 Huge Set Black

Chey is still around. That’s good news for us; and for her customers too :) She makes awesome latex, and I’m always glad to see stores stick around for a long time.

We last featured her in August 2010 - a ridiculously long time for Second Life. Sims are bought and sold, couples are made, broken, reconciled and divorced in less time than this.

This lovely outfit with the catchy name “LX Cat V33 Huge Set Black” is a catsuit in open and closed top version, and a lovely kit of latex lingerie, all in one box.

I forget where I picked up the expression SPZ (for Strategically Placed Zipper) - it could have been about fursuits. It sure applies here, and along with the good shine and realistic seams, it makes a great-looking catsuit.

The open and closed versions of the catsuit top are in shirt and undershirt, giving some good mix-and-match options, and the catsuit bottom is in both layers.

The naming is easy to follow : LXCat for the catsuit parts, just LX for the lingerie, and a small u marks the underwear layer.

Two pairs of gloves and two pairs of stockings, for use with the catsuit (black) or the lingerie (transparent latex) complete the outfit.

Chey’s is one of these less-well-known stores, that really deserve more love - do give it a look.

This set gives you some nice options, huge might be a bit of marketing talk, but you do get a good looking catsuit and some amazing underwear.

Ok the underwear first, you can see the back of it in the first picture, the front is a bit too revealing.

The quality is amazing; nice see through smoky latex, sharp lines and lovely seamed stockings.

Isn’t it a pity you can’t alt-zoom around the pictures in Blogger as you can in SL. *winks*

The catsuit comes in two versions, the zipper opened revealing a sexy cleavage (as worn by Mistress) and zipper closed (worn by me).

Last but not least you’ll get a tattoo layer mask (yes keeping your own face), which i just love, simple black mask with a smoky face inlay, that has very realistic seams around the openings and down the middle.

Name : Chey's Spicy Outfits
Owner : Cheyenne Colasanti

Quality9 9

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