Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Elle Ordonne - Maitresse and Elle Commande

A reader tip led us to Elle Ordonne: thank you, DouceSoupire!

The lovely outfit I’m modeling here is called Maitresse, and lelo is wearing Elle Commande - she might have nightmares, she’s really not a switch ;)

Maitresse is a lovely clothes-layer leather dress, with very good prim details (the rolled-up sleeves) and my beloved military cap included.

There is a hat invisiprim which is meant to hide “hair base” styles; a lovely idea but useful for a small number of us, I think.

One day someone will make good hat hair and will become a millionaire. That’s a hint, designers!

I’d be thrilled to see more designs from Elle Ordone; if more appear, we’ll definitely keep you posted.

Woohoo we found new latex, Elle Ordonne by Kayani Curameyer is a small label we missed till now.

I’m wearing the Elle Commande, a classic black skirt, corset and colored top combo.

The colored top comes in red, copper, green and purple, do get the fat pack it’s a real bargain.

Ok she uses the standard SL skirt, which, well you know, makes your butt look gigantic, but she’s fair and puts a warning about that in the supplied notecard.

The texturing is very good, from folds on the skirt to the zipper and buckles on the corset.

A prim collar and prim ruffle cuffs complete the outfit, giving it that little extra to make it stand out from the crowd.

Name : Elle Ordonne
Owner : Kayani Curameyer
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Royal%20Tropic%20Moonlight/125/225/2002


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