Tuesday, June 12, 2012

LaVa - Holesuit

It’s from LaVa. It’s a suit. It has holes. ;)

No, no, that’s not the full review.. wait, come back!

So. This lovely and original catsuit by LaVa is called Holesuit, and it features a fun peek-a-boo design with good colors filling the holes.

I snapped lelo while she was blinking, producing a pretty funny derp picture (whiskey will do that too, she says). This is the sort of thing I could never have done on purpose... ah, well. Quick reshoot and curse at Murphy, and we’re up and posting.

The color textures are good, and the transparent tints (yellow in our pics) are fairly bright, not so pale that everyone will notice at first glance.

There are a ton of options which I will let my sweetie describe. Visit LaVa and support one of the few latex stores not using Marketplace.

Well here is a catsuit with a twist or better holes. *winks*

When you open the box you will find quite a few items and with them options.

All in all 28 clothing items, including the quick change tattoo layers, there are 5 of them in the box.

4 give you the different possible versions and there is a “kragen” or collar moving the catsuit higher up the neck than the cloth layers will allow.

The 4 options you get are all based on the black catsuit with the holes and give you different fill-ins for the holes.

There is the net we show with the black version (but this one it the same in all versions), the full (shown here in pink), the trans version (shown in yellow) and there also is a bare version (not shown here).

You get every version in all layers so you can mix the layers, giving you net over a colored catsuit, a great look.

Ohh and there are a pair of black gloves included in the kit... just thought i would mention them. *smiles*

So have fun playing with the layers and make your own version.

Name : LaVa
Owner : Latexania Valeska

Price8 8

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