Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Violet Studios - Prey Mesh Boots

The Prey boots are an intricate system, available in leather and latex, in four different shapes with three different addons, and a color HUD to manage the whole thing.

The leg and foot shapes are unique - you’ll need to have a good look and see if you like them.

Hemi addressed fetish, fashion and pony; no reason for anyone to go barefoot ;)

This is a valiant first effort in mesh; I’m sure that things will improve with time, as they did with prim shoes and other things. (Remember freebie bling sandals from 2006? They looked just fine to us back then, didn’t they?)

The front straps are awesome, I have to give props for that; it’s the first set of optional addons for boots I see. (Firefox says hi!)

There’s really a lot of material in the boxes, you’ll want to make folders to help see through the jungle of versions.

I’ll reveal one of my little tricks to deal with big kits : I make a folder called Wear This, and put in there the right sizes, shapes, or whatever composes the outfit I will actually wear.

Sure, I could throw out the XL sizes.. but I’ll admit I’m a bit of a pack rat ;)

Another designer has joined the ranks of the mesh designers and Hemi went big with 4 versions.

The boots are called Ovio (the chunky heeled), Raptor (the ballets), Dyno (the pony boots) and Velo (the stiletto heeled one).

Sold separately from these are the back laces, back zipper and front buckles, these will fit all the boots and as they are copy you only need to buy the one you like once.

The HUD gives you control over the highlight color, the texture color and the shine.

And this for the laces, the boots, the metal parts and the sole separately, beware Hemi has her own special colors, so better get her catsuits if you want a good match.

Ahh and as the boots are copy, be smart and make back up copies before you start playing around with them.

Name : Violet Studios
Owner : Hemi Violet


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