Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nekos From Mars - Operative Series

While we’re not changing careers from bloggers to secret agents, our recent wardrobe seems to hint that we should :)

We got a friendly hello from Mars Matova asking if we were interested in reviewing his new Operative line of full outfits. A quick peek on Marketplace showed that they looked good so we agreed.

I just had no idea. This is really impressive gear!

I’m wearing most of the Cell Operative outfit in our first pic, minus only the commando-ninja mask; it did nothing good for my hair ;)

The box for C.O. held 30 parts not counting extras, of which I’m wearing 15 - lelo was a little puzzled when I said I was a overwhelmed; the other outfits are somewhat less intricate.

There’s a lot to love here. The mesh corset and excellent booties would be worth the price of admission by themselves.

Cydonian Operative, my outfit on the second pic, is much more revealing and features two-toned mesh boots, red in front and black in rear; wow them when you arrive, sneak away undetected, perhaps.

Keep an eye on Nekos from Mars - we certainly will :)

Nekos From Mars is a new shop in our list and it totally blew us over.

One of the great things with Mars's designs it that he writes a backstory for all his operatives and designs the outfit accordingly, a smart way of working i would say.

On Marketplace he tells the backstory of each design, giving you a feel of what’s involved with each operative.

Legion Operative is the outfit i wear in the first picture, according to Mars’s back story, this is the most basic and most common operative and with prices like that i can understand why.

You get the mesh corset in 8 sizes so there should be one for almost every one, the way the corset moves with your body is great.

You also get 3 different versions of the gloves, a modest version of the catsuit and the one i’m wearing here, both in underwear layer.

Finally there are a pair of great-looking booties, a prim collar and 6 alpha layers to let the corset work with different size boots and shoes.

In the second picture i’m wearing the Cyber Operative in red, there also is a blue version.

According to Mars this is a gynoid operative aka a fembot, that should bring in the dolls of SL.

This one comes with a amazing-looking circuited catsuit, the same texture is also used on the booties.

Most eye-catching is the helmet which totally works with gynoid theme.

The big prim collar and the arm blades bring the outfit further to life.

So check out what kind of operative you are and join the Nekos from Mars.

Name : Nekos From Mars
Owner : Mars Matova

Quality9 9
Price8 8

Cool quiet visit, saw much

I actually finished my first sim, and got half-way through my second one!

Most of the exhibits are really cool, a few are so puzzling as to be completely incomprehensible to me - I really wasn’t expecting that; but I’m reconciled with the idea not everyone thinks the same way I do, and it’s ok.

What I did see and love were two old friends : the Phoenix viewer exhibit, and New Citizens Inc.

Phoenix has several panels of good info, and a really stunning animated phoenix statue which catches your eye from a good distance :)

NCI.. those awesome, crazy guys built a little replica of NCI Kuula, the spot I send new residents for free classes and good information since we found them years ago.

I’m really enjoying this visit, and doing it with the idea of sharing my favorite finds with you definitely adds a little something. I never expected I’d enjoy blogging so much :)

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