Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Elixir - Hextile

Hextile is a new line of clothing from Elixir for all you people who get shot and stabbed a lot in SL: “armor plating framed in durable rubber, grommetted and reinforced with carbon mesh”, it says here.

Now we’ve had the prototypes for a good while, but when someone tells me something under the rose, I respect that 100%.

So when Obscuria Cyannis told us last week that the Hextile line was out, I said, “awesome!”, and marked our calendar to feature it tonight.

We had a peek at the store for prices and for the sake of completeness - we’re good that way - and I saw that the men’s vest I’m wearing here got *big* improvements.

I decided to wear it to show you the hextile pattern anyway, but don’t look for it at the store. Hey, prototypes are perks too ;)

So, Hextile: cool, sexy armor for your superhero / espionage / science-fiction roleplay. Complete it with the hardshell boots (not shown) for a more spacey look, and have fun in style :)

I’m wearing the 1 piece suit from the Hextile series here, and it might be armor plated but you must be a pretty good shot to hit this body. *winks*

You get all the cloth layers for a bit of mixing, though with this texture it will be hard to match to it.

Still the texture really makes the Hextile series, i do love the look especially all the different grey tones, just shows you that there really is no need for all the black on black we get in SL.

As we said Hextile is a serie, the body i’m wearing it the skimpiest one in it, but there are also pants and a full suit in a male and female version.

So as per usual Elixir offers something out of the ordinary, so looking for something not everyone is wearing? get your butt over to Elixir.

Name : Elixir
Owner : Khorus Magne

Price8 7
Service9 8
Store9 8

SL9B exhibitors are friendly!

I’m still trying to finish visiting an entire sim at the expo, but this morning progress was slowed by people who forcibly sat me down and talked my ear off... well, no, not really. ;)

People who know me know I’m pretty sociable and I do think SL is for conversation. So this morning I ran into Pamala Clift, the Roadside Philosopher and author of the “Virgin’s Handbook on Virtual Relationships”, an ebook carried on Amazon.

Pamala’s been in SL for a good while, and while I’m not sure that her thought that everyone will come to the metaverse is for anytime soon, she certainly has interesting ideas worth considering. A free chapter of her ebook is available at her booth in Celebrate.

I then had a pleasant chat with the folks at the Transgendered Lounge, Trinity Dejavu and Lilly Noodle. The Lounge is, to quote Trinity, “a low-key peer support group and hangout, we run a drop in place where people can just swing by, chat and hang out as well and regular meetings”.

They were awesomely friendly and interesting, and they’re readers of the blog already, so hi ladies! :)

The Time Tunnel is the attraction I want to mention in particular, because they had content uniquely related to us.

I’ll let the pictures speak.. we’ve come a long way, baby!

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