Tuesday, July 3, 2012

AiTech - Universal Gag

Asami gave us a call - new gag, would we be interested in having a look? Well, that’s an automatic yes, pretty much. It doesn’t guarantee a review, but very few people call us to send us junk.

Asami’s gag is a mesh item, dead easy to resize and position, with six options : ball, ring, or bit gag, all of which can have overhead straps or not.

The rings have a wonderful shine, but the straps are dead black; this means that they will pretty much disappear on someone wearing a black hood - not an issue on bare skin, but let’s say having a rubber doll makes me acutely aware of black on black ;)

The drool.. well. It’s authentic-looking, and maybe it’s your thing. But it’s an option. Options are good.

A lovely toy, not that expensive considering all it does.

Do have a look at Asami's blog : http://artificialthings.blogspot.com

It was time for a new toy and Asami called us just in time with her Universal Gag.

The menu control on this thing is extremely easy and you will be able to work with it in minutes, if you can live with the gag is another story.

You get the usual owner options: add, list and remove. One button to turn the drooling on and off another to set the amount of drool produced.

You also can turn the speech garble on or off and it’s severity, the garble is pretty intelligent and only garbles the “spoken” words in emotes that are between quotations.

Lock is another easy one, when locked you can set a timer.. or not. *winks*

RLV is also a simple on off option in the menu, you also can set a name for the wearer of the gag used by the garble system.

Finally you can select the 3 gags and if you want the harness, 4 simple buttons. That’s all there is, that’s all you need.

So easy to adjust, easy to use gag, just make sure to wear it over a contrasting rubber hood.

Name : AiTech
Owner : Asami Imako
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pitreavie/15/171/51

Quality9 9
Price8 8
Service9 8
Store8 8

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