Monday, July 2, 2012

Lapointe Bastchild - S'wear Drift Biker Outfit

Lapointe & Bastchild is not our usual store type, but I came across this biker outfit on their blog, and it just cried mama to me.

S’wear is their casual line of clothing : biker, rocker, denim fetish ;) They subtitle it "urbanwear".

Drift is a prim-rich outfit: the jacket, sleeves, pants bottoms and belt are all prim, and all adjustable, both with script for the big job, and manually for just that right fit - excellent pictures are included if you don’t know how to do it.

The prims were big out of the box for me, but a surprisingly quick bit of adjusting on a pose stand took care of that.

The boots are awesome, which is why I just had to snap them alone; the pants cover them up for a cool and authentic look, but it’s kind of a shame to hide them.

You’ll need to first wear the boots and then choose “Add” to wear the pants legs. It says so right in the name, but it still took me a moment to get it; my first time doing this, and I love it!

There is a backup box included in case of resize accident, which contains the whole outfit again. I like that belt-and-suspenders attitude.

Well by now you must know Mistress is a sucker for a good bikers outfit, not sure if it’s the leather or something i missed. *winks*

Anyway as she saw this one, the boots we were searching for were quickly forgotten.

I’m sure it was the jacket that did it for her, for me personally it were the boots, i guess we all have our own focus.

If you are like me and have no real use for a, i have to admit, very good looking jacket, you can just buy the boots, or the jacket of course.

But this is a limited time only promo, it’s 50% off compared to the separate parts, so grab it while you can.

Name : Lapointe Bastchild
Owner : Paul Lapointe; BastChild Lotus


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