Thursday, July 26, 2012

Haha Studios - Panthex and Double Face

Haye gave us a shout and asked whether we wanted to give her shop a look. Long time readers and astute short-time ones will guess what happened ;)

She makes latex with distinctive reflections and tints, and a line of metal piercy-stabby bits that may be more suited to modern primitives than the simple fetish crowd.

Honestly, when I see what some people are into, I sometimes feel *very* simple.

I’m wearing the Panthex kit here : some fun leopard-pattern undies, and a translucent bare-midriff set over that.

The seal lines on the latex look authentic, and I like that they “reflect the light” differently in the right places. Good attention to detail on the textures.

The four parts take up all clothes layers except jacket, so keep it in mind when planning outfits. The translucent top and bottom will mix and match with lots of other undies, of course.

Visit Haye’s cool little store and tell her who sent you :)

Bad news, no toy today, sniff, but we did find a new designer for our blog, well new for us that is. *smiles*

Haye has one guideline for her products, she has to love them, so it’s a fun hodgepodge of all kinds of items.

I’m wearing the double face here, and as you can see it really has two faces, or should i say sides.

You get 8 prim buckles, which all have a deletable resize script in them, they need a little bit of tinkering to make them fit just right.

Once in place the buckles look great and i’m sure you’ll get some fun double takes when you walk by. *winks*

Give her shop a look, she has all kinds of fun, kinky and unique stuff.

Name : Haha Studios
Owner : Haye Aya


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