Friday, July 27, 2012

Only Three Weeks Before 1000th Blog Post Party!

  Friday, August 17th, 2PM at Rubber Room
Tattoo that date on your forehead, kitties, this is the party you don’t want to miss :)

For starters, we’ll have the most amazing, incredible, stunning.. eh, what’s that, lelo?

Keep it hush-hush? But I already... oh, you’re right, I suppose.

Surprises *are* more fun.

But surely I can mention the awesome... that our friend... will be... no?

Oh, all right. They’ll find out in three weeks ;)

are you studying hard ?, did you count the amount of latex we posted on ?, which KK color catsuit didn’t we ever show you ?, what’s lelo’s favorite footwear ?, who did we have as guest models ?....

We could be asking all this and more, so study hard, our treasure chest of gifts is slowly filling up, and i got to tell you, i could live in it. *winks*

You got 20 day’s left better get to work and start making lists, reading posts and remembering names, time it ticking....

Ohh, party hats aren’t mandatory, only for lolcats, fetish wear is though, there might be even prizes of that.. oops

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