Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Immerschoen - Mesh Jeans and Leather Pants

My first mesh leather pants, woohoo! Gismo and Nici gave us a call, and they had a load of good pants to show us.

The shape is terrific, but the textures are a little dark. Guess tough bike chicks don’t wear pastels ;)

The gradation of sizes is pretty subtle; excessively thin or fat avatars will have trouble, but that’s the cost of mesh right now.

I’m wearing “Biker” in the first pic, and “Harley” in the second. As you see from the vendor pic, the prices are excellent.

Drop by Immerschoen’s large, clean store and have a look around, it’s well worth the visit.

Euw, cotton on my skin, take it off, it burns, the pain !!! ... *winks*

Better put this picture in a frame, this must be the first time i have worn jeans in SL.

All joking aside, a nice new collection of jeans and leather mesh pants, yep you read that right these pants are mesh with all their figure-following attributes.

There are 5 sizes, XXS up to L and Nici advises to make a mesh optimized bodyshape where you adjust your bodyfat to the pants.

A good tip if you ask me but on the other hand, Lindies please give us the long awaited mesh update.

There are quite a few pants to choose from, i just added a pair of heels, ok that took a little bit of adjusting and an old, old freebie top.. one instant vanilla outfit.

Now quick give me my latex i feel all dirty now... *smiles*

Name : Immerschoen
Owner : Gismo Rhode & nici Sewell

Quality8 8
Price9 9
Service9 8
Store9 8

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