Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Karu Karu - Lindsay

Between summer and capped IM’s and notecards not always getting delivered, the blog is a bit more of a challenge lately.

But old friends call us, which helps a lot :) Chane had this lovely catsuit to show us, called Lindsay.

It’s all clothes layer: shirt, pants and gloves, no fuss.

There’s a fatpack with all 9 colors, at a great discount, but there is also a clever “popular pack” of the four favorite colors (ruby, white, black and pink) for half the price of the fatpack - a great compromise.

The store is new and improved - very clean and easy to navigate (or cam if you’re lazy like me), with the Lindsay vendor visible right at the landing zone... right next to a little 99L$ discounted item. You know, like candy bars next to the cash register ;)

A nice complex catsuit from Karu Karu tonight, complex in look that is.

There are just 4 items in the folder, a shirt, two pants and the gloves, nicely in the middle layer so you can wear underwear under and jackets or corsets over it.

This is a great party outfit that comes in 9 different colors, so something for every mood.

And when you meet that special someone in a club, which shouldn’t hard in this one, and you decide to do a bit of poseball hopping the second version of the pants comes into play, that zipper isn’t just for show. *winks*

Be smart get the fatpack, there will always be a good time to wear one of those colors, even if it’s just to stand out in a crowd.

Name : Karu Karu
Owner : Chane Karu

Quality8 8
Price9 9
Service9 8

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