Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Places : Lesbian Plantation of Submission

It’s a good while since we found a new place to point you to, and we discovered LiPS (as the place is known to its regulars) by luck; well, but I dislike the word. When you keep your eyes open, opportunities present themselves.

We were visiting Mad Science, and while we didn’t find anything to review this time, I saw some signs outside; we followed one, and arrived next door at LiPS - they are sim neighbors.

First thing I told lelo when we saw the auditorium was “Aha! I found our new conference room.”

As it happened, the lady of the place, Mistress Tanya, was in residence when we visited - there’s that luck again! ;)

LiPS is a new group and play area for women, but they already have a good level of activity: slave auctions, a little fetish mall, and a friendly hostess who gives baths. If you visit with a RLV viewer, be warned, the traps are hungry :)

The theme is Greek, and the temple, bath, atriums, and auditorium are disposed in a harmonious way, making good use of the hilly terrain.

You’re invited to contact Mistress Tanya (SL name HotRodBabe Aries) for information about events and auctions.


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