Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Needful PIXEL - Cookie and Doughnut Gag

Some new torture devices from Needful Pixel : the Cookie Gag, and the Doughnut Gag.

I wish I had thought of that for real life : tie a doughnut in your slave’s mouth, and forbid them to take a bite... see how long that order is obeyed ;)

You’ll need to take a bit of care fitting the gags; there are no resize scripts included, so get yourself a good stiff pose stand, and take your time.

I like that you can hide the strap holding the gag and cookies.

“Take that doughnut out of your mouth, I don’t understand what you’re saying!” “Mmmgpphh!” ;)

Time for some new food..ehh gag’s.. ehh food-gag’s tonight.

Needful PIXEL release two additions to their food gag’s line, a doughnut and cookies.

The doughnut really works very well as a gag, the cookies..well lets say it works in SL.

The menu gives you access to all the features in the gag, like lock, lock timer, show/hide gag, show/hide strap, etc, etc..

The menu does take a bit of getting used to, for example to show the gag you first have to lock it then you can select the show/hide options.

The one thing really missing from this gag is a good resize script, though on the upside the gag is fully mod when it comes to the prims.

Small tip for getting the perfect fit, move the gag ring back behind the strap.

So fun gag, the doughnut gag is a must have for all the police people in SL. *winks*

Name : Needful PIXEL
Owner : Elke Wylie & Ilse Bellic
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wirtz/203/27/55

Quality8 8
Price8 7
Store9 8

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