Friday, July 13, 2012

We got our first DMCA notice!

You’ve noticed that we post lolcat pictures on our Friday posts lately. It’s our way of saying that it’s less serious - our light post day, since we eased up on the ponyplay.

Well June 1st’s lolcat was one with a party hat and a funny caption.You know, SL9B.

The Artist - of international renown, we are sure - that took that eternal masterpiece of photographic art, then, felt we were infringing on her copyright.

Of a lolcat, yes indeed, you read correctly.

So Blogger passed on a warning (DMCA is "no prejudice" - if you act, there it ends) and a warning (put it up again and trouble begins).

So we won’t; but we’ll keep doing it, because I don’t think too many people actually think of their lolcats as defensible, copyrighted material.

So. We laugh rather than frown, and move on. Have a great weekend :)


  1. best post a link back to where you found the image (to lolcatz most likely). That's all most people want, recognition and some traffic for themselves.

  2. By the time you get a DMCA request, it's too late to do that. But thanks for the good words!