Monday, July 16, 2012

Hugo's Design - Gani

Gani is Hugo’s latest release. It’s in a solid color plus black details, the reverse of Erik’s recent designs.

It’s a handsome swimsuit in the closed version, and a naughty play outfit in the open version (not shown).

As the rear is fairly skimpy, we chose to show you the front in a few different colors.

I’m definitely adopting the black as my new swimsuit.

A certain hot tub at Bahia has recently become my informal conference room and gossip trading area :)

What do you get when you add stocking and gloves to a Brazilian style bathing suit, well a Hugo’s Design’s outfit of course *winks*

There are two options with this one, the closed version shown here and an open one which, well, didn’t cost Erik a lot of fabric.

The texturing is the quality we have come to expect from Hugo’s, i do love the stockings with the seam, i’m just an old fashioned girl. *smiles*

As always Erik supplies you with all possible layers so it’s made for mixing and matching, especially as it doesn’t cover much.

Wear the swimsuit over a brightly colored catsuit, find yourself a matching cape and you can start fighting crime on the mean streets of SL.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo

Price8 7
Store8 8

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