Friday, August 17, 2012

1000th Blog Post Party At Rubber Room Was A Blast!

Wooo! What an awesome, head-spinning, gift-giving, friend-greeting party it was.

Lelo noted 53 people at one point on the sim.. and it’s a safe bet they weren’t down at the mall shopping :)

The Rubber Room dance floor was full, and I was so busy handing out gifts for the trivia game I never had a moment to snap a pic.

To all our friends who came: thank you, and sorry for not chatting more. It means a lot to me that you were there to celebrate with us and wish us well.

To our friends who couldn’t make it: it happens, we still love you, and we’ll see you at the next one.

One of the fun gifts we received was a custom-made catsuit for the event. Kat Fetisov took our url-giver original pics and made a theme catsuit for the evening. Thanks Kat!

It’s available for free at her store in Little Shop of Kink next to her other boxes. Hurry, it may not stay there for long.

We had tons and tons of gifts to hand out - I dare say this is the most generous fetish party that was ever held. We gave out gift cards, outfits, boots, and even “gift certificates” from stores that don’t have card systems.

Thank you to all our designer friends who sponsored us, I’m not naming names but you and our guests know who you are :)

Thank you Rikki Scarmon for running the trivia game and being an awesome party host, thank you Evergreen Engineer for the great job as a DJ. Rubber Room rocks!

Thank you Pet for offering your services as personal shopper as a gift - the party was a bit too chaotic to stop and explain, but it's still appreciated.

I’m going to be a little naughty and point you to the profile of Susannah McMinnar (but not link to it, that would be rude), as she took some great pictures of the party.

I snagged one of me and lelo (and friends!) - Susannah’s not on right now but I’ll make sure she doesn’t mind.

We’re hitting year 4 of the blog in a few weeks.. but we’ve already decided that the next party will be for our fifth anniversary.

See you at SLFF5B ;)

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  1. It was a great party!
    Thank you again..

    ..and you looked so lovely, I had to make a photo of you! *smiles*

    *hugs* Su