Thursday, August 16, 2012

CorinS Fashion - Fina Latex Set 01

Fina is a new outfit by Corin’s Fashion, and it’s more of a system than a simple outfit.

At the store, you’ll see Fina Latex Set 01 and Fina Latex Set 02; Set 02 being just the latex bolero and pants.

Set 01 is the more complete kit, including the latex corset and Fiona’12, the lace blouse we’re both wearing here.

Without the blouse and corset, you’re looking at full-frontal nudity, except for two nipple shields. Two *small* nipple shields ;)

The big shoulder pads looks really good with the included collar, so I wore it here but lelo didn’t; it’s reversal day!

The price is quite reasonable for all the parts you get, and the quality is amazing. This may be the first lace I actually like in my SL wardrobe. Fina is available in eight colors.

This is an awesome outfit, and if you’re not in a hurry, you’ll enjoy trying out all the possibilities. Drop by Corin’s and have a look, you won't regret it.

The new outfit from CorinS tonight, Fina, we went for the Latex Set 01, which offers all the options possible.

The upside is loads of possibilities, the down side is it takes a while to unpack it all, still that's not what you would call hardship.

Ok here are all the parts: first there are the pants, this is the smallest bag, just the pants in two layers. A good looking mix of latex and lace, with some realistic folds in the right places.

Then there is the corset, which is underbust and i’m sorry to report only in cloth layer, but looks very good, i especially love the lacing on the back. All layers are included.

Next up the Bolero, though it’s not much more than a collar and a pair of shoulder pads, don’t get me wrong it looks great, the collar, which i’m not wearing here, even comes with an open collar version, how’s that for being considered.

There are also 2 nipple caps with the bolero to make everything more or less PG.

Finally there is the Fiona shirt, the shirt looks great with the prim collar and sleeves. The shirt binds everything together and makes it all very fashionable.

So a great mix and match outfit, which you can get as one set or buy separately, that’s up to you... though i would always go for the full set. *smiles*

Name : CorinS Fashion
Owner : Corin Serenity

Price8 8

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