Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dare Designs - Scorch

Continuing to share Dare’s lovely designs with you, this cool dress is called Scorch for the obvious reason - it’s hot!

Well, that and the lovely crystal heart pendant with the flame in it - red flame in mine and black flame in lelo. You don’t see black flames every day. ;)

This is a very versatile outfit - see the vendor pic for an overview of your options.As usual, I'm wearing every available bit.

The prim bits add that je ne sais quoi that keeps an outfit from looking too much like a coat of paint. I don’t have a lot of ruffled skirts, and I do find I like this one.

My Bax ankle boots are set to Dark Blood, and they match perfectly. Could be a coincidence...

We came to SL to find our sim missing today. It's pretty disconcerting to stand at the edge of your neighboring sim and gaze into the infinite instead of seeing the familiar mountain side of Khanuy Gol. A quick call to BradleyH Scout at support, and 10 minutes later Bianca Linden called me to say we had a home again. Thanks, guys!

Nice little number by Dare Design tonight, burlesque latex isn’t something you see every day but it does work.

In the box you will find 7 cloth layer items and 4 prims, for a change the cloth layer items give you a lot of choices.

The bra is a bra, the jacket gives you an under breast corset and the shirt adds the shoulder part.

The Pants give you the garters and the panty is, well, your panties. *winks*

Smart system we haven’t seen in a while, i like it even if it’s old school.

The prims give you a lovely collar, a pair of belted wristbands and a some lovely flexy ruffles, these will keep me happy staring at my tail for weeks. *smiles*

Name : Dare Designs
Owner : Dare Munro

Price8 8
Service9 8
Store8 7

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